• Forensic Classroom Training
  • Forensic Consulting & Backlog Reduction ( ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited)
  • Proficiency Testing (ISO/IEC 17043 Accredited)
  • Multi-level Competency Testing for Latent Print Examiners
  • Comparison Training Exercises
  • Quality Management Services
  • The National Latent Print Examiner Training Academy
  • Attorney Services

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Our commitment to you and your agency is real. If we can't provide the services that we advertise to your satisfaction, then we don't deserve your business. Before our company ever drew its first breath, the firm decision was made that we would always seek to do God's will in our business dealings as well as in our lives. We have strived to do just that and have been blessed both as a company and as individuals.

RS&A has a proven track record of dozens upon dozens of successful contracts with federal, state and local agencies and private entities. We do what we say we will do!

RS&A has been able to grow significantly since our incorporation in 2002, and the future is bright indeed. There will always be a need for high quality forensic services and by working with government agencies and other related private entities we can continue to be an integral part of the solution, in both the criminal justice and civil justice communities.

Accurate, timely, fair, objective, efficient, cost effective.

These are not just words, but rather descriptions of our commitment to each of our clients. It is this level of commitment that Ron Smith & Associates, Inc. will bring to you and your agency if provided the opportunity.

RON SMITH - RS&A President
While working as a forensic scientist and laboratory manager in government laboratories for over thirty years, I came to the realization that there existed a myriad of critically important forensic tasks for which the government bureaucracy was not designed to address efficiently. I envisioned that someday I would assemble a special group of dedicated career forensic specialists who could fill this void within the forensic community. After much effort, and with God's help, that vision has now become "Ron Smith & Associates, Incorporated," a unique and rapidly growing forensic services provider.

The path we now travel as a company is challenging in that there has been no clear road map to follow, but that in itself adds to the excitement of the endeavor. Since 2002, RS&A has been building the necessary company infrastructure to fully engage in the business of forensics. Without this internal company support system, our teams of forensic experts could not efficiently and effectively carry out the projects assigned to them. Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Security, Contract Management, Marketing and other administrative functions are an absolute requirement for any company that wishes to compete for forensic services in today's environment. I am proud of the team of business experts we have built to support the efforts of our forensic scientists around the globe.

Our forensic specialists are professionally certified in their respective disciplines, fully vetted, and competitively selected. We realize that our company reputation is on the line each and every time we accept a contract or provide a service to our clients. Whether it be from our internationally recognized Training Division, our Consulting Division, Competency & Proficiency Testing Division, Quality Management Services Division or one of the teams from our continually growing group of experts, you can be assured that we will provide a level of service with which you will be well pleased.

For the first few years as a company, RS&A was known primarily as a very successful pattern evidence and crime scene training and consulting company. From existence, our company has expanded significantly and now is able to offer pattern evidence services in our ISO accredited laboratory, located in Mississippi.

Of particular interest to laboratory managers is the fact that we offer a multitude of forensic services to agencies at their sites as well. If desired we can bring our team of experts to your facility and perform casework, provide Technical Reviews, assist in Quality Management issues, or other forensic services. We have associated ourselves with a large number of forensic scientists in a multitude of disciplines, including Firearms, Trace Evidence, Serology/DNA, Toxicology, Drug Chemistry, Latent Prints, Footwear & Tire Tracks, and Evidence Management. These individuals work on short term contracts with our company and come from working laboratories and forensic units and are fully credentialed to perform forensic examinations in your facility.

RS&A has become the industry leader in multi-level competency testing for latent print examiners and will be continually expanding this service to meet the ever changing needs of the forensic pattern evidence community. We plan to develop this service for other forensic disciplines in the future.

As you can see Ron Smith & Associates, is moving forward as a forensics services company, ensuring that we can successfully and continually meet the needs of our existing clients, while expanding the list of services through strategic alliances with a cadre of recognized forensic experts.

I personally would like to thank you for taking the time to review our company website and learn more about our services. I look forward to hearing from you as we work together to protect the innocent, catch the bad guys after they commit crimes, and catch terrorists before they do!

May God Bless,

Ron Smith, President