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Ron Smith & Associates, Inc. is actively seeking laboratories, law enforcement agencies, colleges, forensic science programs, other governmental agencies, I.A.I. Divisions and other organizations who are interested in bringing nationally and internationally known forensic instructors into their area/country to conduct training seminars. This is a wonderful opportunity for agencies or organizations to enable their employees or members to attend the finest training seminars available, without the added expense of long-distance travel, lodging and time. If you are interested in bringing a particular seminar to your area please review the following information.
  • How many students from your own agency/organization will attend this training?
  • How many students in your area would be interested in and able to attend this particular seminar?
  • Does your agency have an appropriate facility to host the training?

We offer seminars in open enrollment and flat rate formats and can customize a format to meet your needs.

FLAT RATE seminars involve the host agency purchasing enough seats to guarantee the seminar will be held. Each seminar has different requirements for these rates and we will gladly discuss this with you to get the right format for your class. Flat rate benefits include the certainty your training will be held as scheduled, consistent training for your staff and no travel, lodging or extra per diem expenses.

*All seminars outside of the United States must be purchased on a flat rate basis.

OPEN ENROLLMENT seminars work well for agencies that do not wish to buy all of the seats in an entire seminar for a flat rate. You supply the space for the seminar and the necessary audio visual equipment in exchange for a free seat in the seminar. You pay only for the seats you fill, less the free seat. However, if the minimum number of registrations are not received, the seminar may have to be cancelled. RS&A will handle all of the registrations and collect the fee for open enrollment seminars - your agency is not bothered with a lot of phone calls or spending time coordinating your seminar. The minimum number of registrations to host an open enrollment seminar varies and we will discuss this with you to avoid the time and expense of setting up and advertising a seminar that does not happen.

Open enrollment seminars within the United States involve advanced advertisement to interested agencies through websites, publications, E-mail and multiple printed announcements in order to help fill the necessary seats to hold the seminar. This advertising is done by RS&A Inc., the IAI, and the co-hosting agency/organization. The cost of this advertising is included in the cost of the registrations - there is no additional cost to any host for advertising. RS&A will generate a flyer for your seminar to help you get the word out in your area and will handle the rest of the advertising. With the current fiscal situation we have found that the majority of students will come from within commuting distance for many seminars. We will work with you to do everything we can to make your seminar a success!

FLAT/OPEN COMBINATION seminars can also be arranged to fit your particular needs.  These seminars generally involve the flat rate purchase of most of the seats needed to guarantee the class will be held with open enrollment seats offered as well.  They provide your agency with the certainty of a flat rate format class at a reduced cost.

If your agency/organization is interested in co-hosting one or more seminars please complete the following brief form to start the process.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!