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For over twenty years, Ron Smith, and now Ron Smith & Associates, Inc. has provided high quality forensic training courses throughout the United States and around the world. By building a team of internationally regarded instructors to work hand in hand with our full time Training Division support staff, RS&A has developed a delivery system second to none in the industry. Over 16,000 students have received training from RS&A and that number grows significantly every year. This training has been brought to forensic specialists in all fifty states and continues to be the primary resource for forensic training in North America.
Why you should choose RS&A for all your Forensic Training needs:
1. Our instructors are internationally recognized as "Top Guns" in their field of expertise.

2. Our forensic identification and crime scene curriculums are designed to carefully develop the skill sets needed to be successful.

3. Our courses are mobile and come to your area of the country on a regular basis.

4. Our courses are pre-approved for IAI Certification and Re-Certification.

5. Our courses are "hands-on" based and not just theory.

6. Our company can customize training courses to meet any agency’s unique needs.

7. Hundreds of agencies and thousands of students are a testament to the quality of our training program.

Our Training Division is Available and Growing!
In addition to these pattern evidence training curriculums, RS&A is also equally prepared to bring to your area sequential training in the forensic disciplines of Crime Scene Investigation, Photography in Forensics, and Presentation of Testimony (Fact Witness & Expert Witness). From the basics to the much more advanced subject matters, our team of internationally recognized instructors are ready to share their expertise with you in any of these topics. The curriculum consists of the required elements and individual courses for a comprehensive training program in these additional disciplines.
Hear what our students are saying...
"Your training program is truly superb and has been a tremendous asset to the forensic community."
David G. - Massachusetts
"I left the class feeling excited to get back to work and apply all of my newly acquired knowledge."
Natalie H. - Idaho
"I liked the fact that there was a large hands on component as well as many techniques that are directly applicable to our casework needs." Michael G. - Florida
"I also felt that the material in the class was extremely informative and well-rounded and full, not a bunch of fluff or filler information." Annette D. - North Dakota