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Accredited forensic laboratories are required to appoint a member of staff as quality manager (however named). This individual is responsible for ensuring that the management system related to quality is implemented and maintained. There are times when agencies need temporary assistance with this important position.
Unexpected Vacancy
If the position of quality manager is suddenly vacant what would you do? Organizations are often faced with this type of change – people relocate, retire, experience health issues, change careers, and the list goes on. The process of filling an open position with the right individual can be lengthy and challenging for any organization. The important thing is that agencies find a way to continue meeting their responsibilities to maintain the quality management system.
New or Inexperienced Quality Manager
Individuals appointed to the position of quality manager in a forensic laboratory often come to the job with little to no experience. Meeting the requirements for the position doesn’t necessarily translate into the level of performance that the job requires. Having access to an experienced quality specialist can help someone new to the position avoid common pitfalls, increase confidence, and help them learn the details of the job in a shorter period of time.
Agency Size or Resources
Some agencies don’t have the resources to hire a full-time quality manager or, due to size, can’t justify the position. The duties and responsibilities of the quality manager can be assigned to existing personnel, but sometimes employees are already struggling to keep up with their workload. Some agencies find that the time and money required to get an employee properly trained is not feasible.
RS&A has experienced quality management staff members that have helped agencies achieve accreditation. They understand the needs of forensic agencies because they too are forensic scientists.
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