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Ron Smith, CLPE

Ron Smith has been employed in the forensic identification field since 1972, first with the FBI, then with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and from 1978 until his retirement in July 2002 with the Mississippi Crime Laboratory. As Associate Director, he served as supervisor of the Meridian Branch of the Mississippi Crime Lab System. He is a specialist in courtroom testimony instruction, latent fingerprint examinations and crime scene examinations and has provided expert witness testimony in over five hundred cases in numerous states. He has been certified by the International Association for Identification in latent prints and crime scenes and is the recipient of the John A. Dondero Memorial Award and the Dedication to Service Award. He has lectured on Courtroom Testimony Techniques, latent print examinations or crime scene examination topics in over forty states and several other countries. He understands what it feels like to sweat bullets, make mistakes, lose sleep and be embarrassed by what has happened or may happen on the witness stand. He also understands how it feels to be successful and how to achieve success on the witness stand.

For over fifteen years, Ron Smith has been conducting research on courtroom testimony techniques and interviewing witnesses, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the most important people of all, “JURORS”, to determine what they believe, what they like and what they specifically don’t like from criminal justice witnesses. The results of this research will surprise you and make you a better witness once you have begun to apply what you will learn. The seminar is exciting, fun and fast paced, with a great deal of interaction between the instructor and the students.

RS&A Classes Taught by Ron Smith