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Daniel Craft

Your instructor, Dan Craft, has 31 years of investigative experience as a FBI agent specializing in violent crimes with a very broad range of duties and responsibilities that he brings to the classroom with him.  He has been a criminal profiler and polygraph examiner who has written a 40 hour advanced interview/interrogation course for the FBI and taught it at the FBI training academy in Quantico, VA.

Dan has taught nationally and internationally and at the graduate level at Marquette University in Milwaukee, and is currently teaching at Metropolitan State University and Concordia College in St. Paul, MN. Mr. Craft has been given the distinction of "Master Police Instructor" through the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has worked closely with local law enforcement agencies to better train their crime scene units to understand what an investigator and profiler needs to see out of their crime scenes.

Among Dan’s duties with the FBI were investigating; street gangs, violent crimes, homicides, bank robbery, organized crime, serial murder cases, crimes against children, criminal profiling, hostage negotiations and terrorism. He has worked in the Middle East as an advisor and worked with other US Federal agencies to conduct security investigations.

Among the courses taught to law enforcement personnel over those years are courses on Street Gangs, Terrorism, Police Related Critical Incidents, Major Case Investigations, Reading a Crime Scene – Crime Scene Analysis, Sex Related Crimes, Stress Management, and a variety of Interview and Interrogation – Hostage Negotiation courses.

Dan has also taught how to combine the work done at the crime with the investigation of a crime and then the successful interview and interrogation of the suspect to several local IAI Divisions and local chapters of the Homicide Investigators conferences and is a past president of the Wisconsin Homicide Investigators Association and the past National Chairman of the Federal Bureau of Investigations Advisory Committee. As you can see he has a wealth of both practical and teaching experience to share with each student and enjoys interacting with law enforcement and crime scene personnel.

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