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RS&A, Inc. believes that there is a desperate need for this type of forensic service, which heretofore has not been offered.  Although it is very common in other specialized scientific fields, it has not been done in the forensic science community and it is a concept whose time has come.  Outsourcing is commonplace in today's environment, and this variety of that concept will work very well to enable agencies to deal with the dangers and pitfalls of large backlogs.

Our research indicates that the overall backlog which exists throughout the United States is indeed serious but can be dealt with in a much more efficient manner through some realignment of resources. Think about it for a moment. Is every section within your laboratory totally overwhelmed with cases all the time? Most crime laboratories have some forensic sections that are not nearly as far behind as others within the same laboratory. Maybe you are fortunate to be an analyst who is assigned to one of those sections. Now ask yourself this question? If you were absent from your laboratory for a week or two weeks every few months would your section suffer insurmountably or would you be able to catch up shortly after you returned? If the answer is that you would be able to catch up then maybe you need to read a little farther.
Ron Smith & Associates, Inc. is building a professional team of court qualified, experienced forensic experts who might be interested in making some significant extra part-time income by assisting other forensic laboratories with their backlog.  You would be working as an independent contractor for RS&A, Inc. and would be paid directly by RS&A, Inc.  Your airfare and lodging would be paid for directly by RS&A, Inc. and you would be allowed a daily meal per diem of forty (40) dollars, which would be reimbursed to you at the same time as you receive your paycheck for the hours of work you performed.  You would be paid for your hours worked and your meal reimbursement within five (5) working days of the date RS&A, Inc. received payment for your services from the contracting government agency. You get paid when we get paid.  Your hourly rate would be based upon the negotiated rate being paid by the contracting agency and you would be advised of your hourly rate of pay prior to your acceptance of the assignment.  You must be willing to work a minimum of eight (8) hours per day, with ten (10) hour shifts available in some situations.  You would be paid a straight time hourly rate and as an independent contractor, no employment related taxes would be withheld from your payments, and you would be totally responsible for paying your own income taxes each year.  RS&A, Inc. would issue a 1099-Misc tax form prior to the end of January in each year for contractual services you performed during the previous tax year.  Since all meal expenses would be paid to you by RS&A, Inc., your Federal 1099 Miscellaneous Tax form would include these amounts as well so it would be necessary for you to keep accurate expense records and receipts for individual tax purposes.  Each analyst would be responsible for providing their own lab coat and safety equipment such as goggles, safety glasses and closed toed shoes and would be responsible for following all safety guidelines as mandated by the contracting agency.

Each contract analyst would be responsible for following the operational guidelines of the laboratory to which they were assigned and would work directly under the supervision of the administrative and technical supervisors of that laboratory or their designees.  Established analytical procedures within the assignment laboratory are to be followed without question, as long as those practices do not place the contract analyst in an environment which would be considered unsafe.

"Quality" examinations would be required at all times and is certainly the most important facet of the work you would be performing, but "Quantity" necessarily would be a close second. As a contract analyst of RS&A, Inc. you would be expected to perform at an exemplary level the entire work period, resulting in a level of production which meets or exceeds the contracting agency's expectations for their own staff members.  Future assignments would most assuredly be based upon past performances and evaluations from the previous contracting agency supervisors.

This unique opportunity would give you the chance to see and enjoy other parts of the United States, and also provide you the opportunity to see how other laboratories function.  Who knows, you might even find a new job for yourself during the process!  Either way, it would bring in a significant second income for you during the time you were on leave from your regular position. We can all use the extra income but don't desire to take on a "regular" part-time job.  On top of that, you would be doing something that you are already trained to do and could get right to work within hours of reporting to the job site. It truly can be a win-win situation for all considered, including Ron Smith & Associates, Inc. which is a for-profit company.  We would add a percentage to your required hourly rate to cover our operating costs and make a small profit for the company. I assure you that you would be receiving the bulk of any monies which were received in payment to our company for your efforts on our behalf.  We treat our full time employees fairly and we treat our part time contractual employees exactly the same way.

While working under the corporate umbrella of Ron Smith & Associates, Inc. you would be covered under our professional liability "errors and omissions" insurance policy.

Our company motto is a reflection of how we run our business. "We do the right thing, because it is the right thing.  We need no other reason!" We have been successful doing that over the years, and God has blessed our company and the members of it, and we plan to continue operating in that manner for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about these part-time forensic opportunities we would very much like to speak with you.  We also encourage you to forward your current resume or curriculum vitae to us for our inspection.  It will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be released to anyone without your consent.  It costs you nothing to submit your resume and we would very much like to consider you for inclusion as one our contract forensic experts available for casework or consultation.

We are currently looking for professionals who are certified in their respective forensic disciplines and who are experienced in any of the following forensic areas:
  • Latent Print Evaluations and Comparisons
  • AFIS Searching
  • Latent Print Evidence Processing
  • Footwear Evidence Examinations
  • Tire Print Evidence Examinations
  • Firearms Evidence Examinations
  • Controlled Substance Analysis
  • General Toxicology
  • Blood Alcohol Analysis
  • Trace Evidence Examination (GSR, Paint, Glass, Fiber, Etc.)
  • Accelerant Detection
  • Serological Examinations (DNA Evidence Collection)
  • DNA Analysis
  • Questioned Document Analysis
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control

If you are submitting your resume for consideration, you should email it to Ron Smith, President at Please, do not mail your resume.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this information and we look forward to hearing from you soon, and possibly adding you to our unparalleled team of forensic experts.  If you have any questions and wish to talk with us directly, you can call 601-626-1100, or call us at our toll free number 1-866-832-6772.
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