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Level 6 - Senior Latent Print Examiner Test

There are many latent print examiners out there with 25+ years of experience. Their knowledge, skills and abilities are foundational for the continuing function of their latent print units, being essential for training future generations of examiners. They offer guidance and insight that can’t be found in any textbook or training manual. However, it is well-known that one’s eyesight and visual acuity may diminish over time and this must be addressed. After all, you need to know that your most seasoned examiner can still make the proper decisions on those tough comparisons.
If your examiner does well on this testing module then you can be confident that their visual acuity is still good enough to keep them on casework, thus allowing them to continue making a positive impact in this manner. This test could also provide information indicating the examiner’s vision has deteriorated somewhat. This will allow you to consider possibly removing them from casework and revising their assignment to include training-only functions. Even though this may be a difficult decision to make, it would likely be the right choice for both the examiner and the agency, as well as the community you serve together.