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Level 5 - Supervisory Latent Print Examiner Pre-Promotion Test

This testing module is designed to help you find the right candidate to assume either a supervisory or technical lead position. There is a direct correlation between the overall quality of a latent print unit and the technical skills/abilities of their leader. Thus, it is mission-critical in today’s forensic environment that you hire the examiner who will reliably lead your unit for years to come. Anything less won’t cut it!
RS&A has developed a series of testing modules which closely mimic some scenarios that a latent print unit supervisor should not only expect to encounter, but will also have to provide the necessary guidance to resolve the situation. That is why the testing includes simulated cases, some containing technical errors, which must be technically reviewed by the applicant for approval or correction. There are also scenarios involving conflict resolution issues which contain a defensible ground truth position, as well as a comparison test which we consider more difficult than the IAI’s CLPE examination.
There is no test available anywhere that guarantees someone will make a good supervisor. However, if your applicant successfully passes our test then you will have solid objective data that the individual possesses the technical skills required to oversee latent print unit operations. After all, that is exactly what you need to know.