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Level 4 - Pre-IAI Certification Tests

These tests are designed to determine if an examiner is prepared to successfully pass the International Association for Identification Certified Latent Print Examiner test. Studying and completing practice comparisons are keys to passing the certification test. These pre-tests are particularly advantageous for an examiner whose primary responsibility does not involve latent print comparisons or if it has been a while since the examiner has been able to attend a comparison intensive training course, like the five day IAI Latent Print Certification Test Preparation course, available through RS&A’s training division.
These comparison tests are designed to closely mimic the variety and difficulty levels of the latent prints in the IAI certification exam. The tests include the same number of latent and known prints as the actual exam and also require the use of a fingerprint magnifier and ridge counters to better simulate the certification testing environment.
Any examiner who can successfully pass our Pre-Certification Tests has the skill sets necessary to successfully complete the genuine Certification Test.