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Level 3 - Case Working Latent Print Examiner Test

This test is designed with several applications in mind. First, this test can be used to evaluate an examiner at the end of their training program prior to being approved for independent casework. Second, this Level 3 module could augment your current proficiency testing program, particularly in the event of a discrepancy between your lab’s results and those of the proficiency test provider. A third use could be to reevaluate an examiner – who has completed a special assignment (such as an overseas deployment) – prior to resuming casework. You may also opt to supplement your internal continuing education program if training funds are too scarce to justify conference attendance.
The first module of this test involves the analysis of fifteen (15) actual size latent prints. This module will test an examiner’s ability to evaluate sufficiency, area of origin and orientation. A second module involves manual comparisons between latent prints and multiple known prints. In this module, the examiner will compare twenty (20) individual photographs of actual size latent prints to the known finger and palm prints from five different individuals. The examiner must determine if the latent prints were, or were not, made by the individuals whose known prints are provided.
Regardless of how you decide to use this versatile test module, you can be sure to glean important information from the results. You will have both the confidence and peace of mind that come from knowing your examiner(s) can perform at the level you expect. Also, if the test results are not favorable, you can proceed with unbiased data to choose a proper course of action moving forward.