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Level 2 - Pre-Supervised Casework Evaluation Test

There is a legitimate need for latent print unit managers to have their trainees externally evaluated prior to approving them for supervised casework. This outside assistance removes any subjectivity the trainer may naturally have after working closely with a trainee for an extended period of time. In addition, this would mitigate the potential for a trainee to advance prematurely in an effort to cope with a mounting backlog. RS&A can readily and reliably provide this valuable objective assistance because, quite frankly, we “don’t have a dog in the fight” – we just want you to be assured of your trainee’s status!
The first module of this test deals with analysis, likely the most important phase of the ACE-V methodology. This module will test an examiner’s ability to evaluate sufficiency, area of origin and orientation. A second module involves manual comparisons between latent prints and multiple known prints. In this module, the trainee will compare twenty (20) individual photographs of actual size latent prints to the known finger and palm prints from five different individuals. The trainee must determine if the latent prints were, or were not, made by the individuals whose known prints are provided.
After completion of this test, managers should know exactly where their trainees stand regarding their ability to both analyze and compare latent prints. As a result, a manager can make an informed decision whether or not to release the trainee for supervised casework, which is a necessary stop along the way to being an independent examiner.