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Level 1 - Pre-Employment Applicant Screening Tests

Whether you are hiring a trainee or a more experienced examiner, you need to know if they are worth your valuable time, effort and money to bring them on board. That means they have to be able to discriminate between minute forms, shapes and details to succeed in this business. Visual acuity testing is remarkably effective for assessing these abilities and will provide critical information to assist in your hiring decision.
This validated assessment has been designed to fairly evaluate your applicant’s visual acuity skill set. The skills being assessed in this one-hour test include the ability to mentally rotate, inspect, and modify an image; the ability to determine differences in curvatures, widths, details, and orientation of images; and the ability to distinguish between different color shades that are commonly seen in forensic casework.
RS&A has extensive experience conducting visual acuity testing, and we have learned that the results of this testing have tremendous predictive value. If they score well on the assessment and are highly motivated, then you should expect them to be a valuable asset to your team. Conversely, poor performance will be a reliable indicator that you should move on to another applicant. It’s really that simple!